Henry County ran out of ballots at some precincts for Iowa election

MT. PLEASANT, Iowa (KWQC) - Election night turnout was higher-than-expected in Henry County, Iowa and two or three precincts, they ran out of ballots.

Everyone got to vote said Henry County Auditor Shelly Barber, but instead of paper ballots, they had to use what are called OVI machines. The machines with electronic screens are used for people with hearing or visual disabilities, but can be used by anyone.

While there is one at every precinct, their use slowed down the voting process and in some cases, there were lines of people waiting to vote.

Barber says she typically prints enough ballots for about 90 percent of the registered voters in each precinct as a way to cut down on paper waste. She says in future elections she will print up 100 percent.

The Iowa Secretary of State's Office reports the highest voter turn-out ever for a mid-term election.