Hidden sights on Bettendorf trails revealed to dogs and their owners

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BETTENDORF, Iowa (KWQC) - The Bettendorf Trails Committee is dedicated to showing locals hidden sights located on Bettendorf Trails.

The Bettendorf Trails Committee revealed hidden sights to dogs and their owners at the Walk and Roll event at Crow Creek Park on Sunday. (KWQC)

On Sunday, they met at Crow Creek Park for the Community Walk and Roll event.

Locals’ dogs tagged along as they made their way to find the often unseen sights.

“Longtime residents show up at one of these events and we show them a park in their backyard that they didn't even know was there,” said Committee Vice-Chair Jannette Harrington.

The committee hosts events like this every month to make sure the community stays active outdoors and so that they can showcase local, hidden treasures.

“We have a lagoon here at Crow Creek Park. People who've lived here most of their lives didn't know that we had a little lagoon here."

The walk included an eye-spy game of a 500-year-old oak tree and a hidden gazebo.

Afterward, the dogs played doggy musical chairs.

The committee will host their next event on August 18, which will include a fun day of yoga amongst other trail adventures.