High tech safety program

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“If you see something, say something.” That’s what Moline Police are reminding students following the tragedy earlier this week at a Florida high school.

Moline Police and Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities are rolling out a safety tool. It’s the P-3-Tips.The phone app stands for “Police, Public, Private Sector.” This semester, Moline High students will get the chance to see how it works.

It’s user friendly. Students who think they saw something suspicious at school or on social media have access to the P-3 on their phones. They can scroll through, click on the type of tip, and then submit information through the app. It is all done anonymously.

Moline Police Detective Ryan Brownell says that’s the beauty of it. Students who might have been afraid to come forward with possible information In the past no longer have to worry. The tips will go directly to Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities.