High waters, High concerns. Boaters being cautious this Memorial Day Weekend

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With High River levels this week, boating concerns are also rising this Memorial Day weekend. Now the city of Rock Island is warning boaters about the risks of boating.

One boater, Tim Newman didn’t think cleaning his boat all weekend would be the story of his Memorial Day.

“Well this weekend obviously we're a little disappointed because the river's so high,” Newman said.

Newman who considers himself an experienced boater, says boating on the river would be a little too risky.

“With the river this high it's a little too fast it's just too many logs, too much debris, oh it's a major expense if you hit a log, thousands of dollars,” he said.

Due to the high water level, this is expected to rise to 17 feet, just a foot below major flood stage. City of Rock Island officials has shut down the fueling dock at sunset marina.

Illinois DNR conservation officer Jamie Posateri says if boaters do go out, they must be more aware of their surroundings.

“So anytime there's high water there's definitely faster currents and you're always going to have more debris when there's higher water, or when the water is lowering. so those are some of the hazards that you have to look out for is the debris at the surface of the water, or that you may actually see it and it’s too late.,” Posateri said.

But the main key is keeping safety a number one priority.
Boaters like Tim Newman say the high water levels won't bring his celebration down.

“We’ll park her here until the water goes down and we can go out on the weekend and anchor up,” Newman said.