Hit & run victim's sister speaks out

CLINTON, Iowa. (KWQC) - A sister speaking out after her brother was killed during a hit and run in Clinton. On August 30, Emiliano Barrios was struck by a vehicle, dying from his injuries. Three weeks later, police have a suspect.

Emiliano Barrios died after struck by a vehicle in Clinton.

Barb Wruck, Emiliano's sister says she's relieved they've served a warrant for the suspect who hit her brother but is still in shock after the accident, "he didn't deserve it. He had a lot of life left, he had a life ahead of him."

Barrios was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street. Wruck says there was no way he could have seen or heard the car coming because he was deaf: "he was like 75% deaf in one ear and 90 something in the other so he just walked and was in his own world... I truly believe he had no idea that was coming until it was right upon him, and unfortunately, that was too late."

Barb's mother the one to tell her about Emiliano's death, "I really don't remember what my mother said to me. I just remember telling her 'what now, what now, are you sure? Not him, he doesn't bother anyone.'"

She's still learning to cope with the loss of her brother, "I've tried to keep a level head. I want answers, I wanted answers. It seems things are really starting to go places now. We're starting to get somewhere with suspects and the events that occurred."

The suspect, Eddie Lee Crout Jr. has a warrant out for his arrest for homicide by vehicle. Barb says he has yet to be caught and hopes you could help catch him, "just look at that guy's face. Know that face. Learn that face. Look for that face. I feel positive that we're gonna get him. Get my brother his justice that he deserves."

Neighbors say Crout was driving around 60 miles per hour that Friday night. Since it's a residential area, the speed limit is 25 miles per hour. There was also an arrest made for Samantha Spadaro, the registered owner of the vehicle that hit Barrios for making a false report, which is a serious misdemeanor.