Homeowners see increase in home assessments

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) -- Iowa homeowners are opening their mailboxes to find an increase in their assessed property value. It’s happening in Davenport and Scott County, with many increases around four to four-and-a-half percent.

“To be honest, I don't think it's going to sell for that amount, but who knows if we find the right buyer for this,” said David Daugherty.

David Daugherty has been at his Davenport home for three years. The two-story home was built in 2002. Daugherty takes pride in his home, doing the upkeep to keep it clean and safe.

Over the years, he's seen the home's value go up. Last year, the Scott County Assessor appraised the home at 353 thousand dollars. This year it jumped to 368-thousand.

“Not sure why it's gone up,” said Daugherty.

The assessor’s office says people across Scott County will see an increase of four to five percent. The assessor says the main thing driving the increase is the market demand for homes, but David says he's not sure if the increase will help him if he ever decides to move.

“Yeah, it would be great if I could sell it for that price, but that was about 11 percent more than what we paid for it,” said Daugherty.

The assessor's office says an increase in the assessment does not automatically mean a homeowner will end up paying more in taxes. They say the tax levy rates set by each city or town is what decides if someone pays more.

The county says if homeowners disagree with their assessment, there is an appeal process, but the deadline for filing that appeal is the end of April. The new home assessment values for Rock Island County have not yet been released.

Homeowners have until April 25, to go through an informal review and a formal appeal must be done by April 30. You can visit Scott County Assessor’s website for more information.