Hooppole residents come together to clean up storm damage

HOOPPOLE,IL (KWQC) -- The community of Hooppole is coming together after strong winds tore through the town, leaving downed power lines and trees on top of homes.

“I like felt like the whole house was going to be ripped off the top of it,” said Taylor Miller, a resident.

Damaged cars and trees on top of homes in Hooppole, Illinois is a site many woke up to. After 60 to 70 MPH winds rushed through the town Tuesday night.

“I walked out the back deck to take my dog out and I was oh, we got a new decoration on the deck,” said Miller.

Some uncertain, as to where to start.

“It's terrifying because at any moment it could just completely fall down the rest of the way and take part of my house with it,” said Ashlin Porter, a homeowner with a tree on top of her house. “I’m really hoping that doesn't happen,”

Homeowner Ashlin Porter says she's glad no one is hurt, but now has to figure out how to get the tree off her house.

“Right now, I am just waiting to see what my insurance will say and if I can have someone come out and cut it without having to kill my wallet,” said Porter.

However, help from neighbors made the weight of the storm a little easier to bear.

“You see everybody coming out of the woodworks to help each other out. When the sun came out,” said Sheldon Miller, Village of Hooppole Mayor. “There were trees on top of houses and cars. People just showed up with tractors and chainsaws and we just started working,”

The town of more than 200 people say that's what community is all about and they couldn't ask for more.

“I’m just trying to stay positive not think about the worst in the situation,” said Porter.

Mayor Sheldon says the cleanup will take quite some time but most of the power has been restored. This wasn't an isolated storm. It started in Park View, Iowa and that same storm went up east leaving many with downed power lines as well.