Hope's Bridal donates towards Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - "For breast cancer awareness month with every crown and veil purchased by a bride - we're donating $50," said owner Diane.

Hope's Bridal donates money towards Breast Cancer Research for the Month of October

Diane's second location of hope's bridal located in East Village
is doing something a little special this month.

"...and for each bride's maid dress that's ordered this month,
we are donating $5."

The donations are going to the breast cancer research

"So as a thank you to our customers and for all the women
out there that are fighting breast cancer, we are just passing it a little forward."

Having 3 daughters of her own
Diane is all about helping other women,
empowering them to look and feel beautiful about themselves on their special day.

"We are always aware of breast cancer, we are in a industry
that serves and cares for women and children, again I'm in this business because I love what we do."

Loving what she does and the inspiration behind why she would like
to give back.

"So my daughter, has a personal , a close friend, that has
gone through a lot of breast cancer and tough
breast cancer with two small children."

Dealing with several different personal scenarios.

"One of my favorite employees over time, we lost to breast cancer."

A loss that has given her the extra drive to thank her customers, give back to the community and stay hopeful that this money going back into research helps someone in need.

"Every woman in our world, every men and women
knows someone that's been touched by this disease
so it's just special to us to able to, I guess do a little bit back."