House of Representatives passes Rep. Cunningham's bills to help veterans

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC)-- The House passed two bills Tuesday night that would help make life more convenient for veterans.

Rep. Joe Cunningham (D-SC) sits down with Gray DC to discuss his bills to help veterans. (Source: Gray DC)

Rep. Joe Cunningham (D-SC) introduced both of the bills. The VA Tele-hearing Modernization Act allows veterans to teleconference in to appeals hearings regarding their benefits. The Women Veterans Health Care Accountability Act directs the VA to conduct a study on access to health care for female veterans.

Cunningham said the tele-hearing policy is just "common sense."

"It's 2019," Cunningham said. "You'd think something that simple would have already been done, but it's our job to find the simple fixes."

The health care bill to help women, Cunningham said, is reflective of shifting policies to recognize the role women now play in the armed forces.

"We're recognizing that women get the health care that they deserve, and that they need," He said.
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