How the wet weather impacts this year's harvest

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Despite the recent rains and flooding in the QCA, a local farmer is actually looking forward to this year's crop. Robb Ewoldt talked with TV-6 and said that there are both positives and negatives to all the water come harvest season, but he's anxious to get going.

"The crop looks very good," said Ewoldt. "I'm excited to get out and start harvesting next week. I think we'll be pleasantly surprised with what we find."

The wet weather does impact the crops in multiple ways, including positive ones. "It was good in some aspects because we had some soybeans that needed some rain, so it'll add some bushels there," said Ewoldt.

But, the Davenport farmer is a little skeptical about how the water will impact the corn. "We will benefit from those rains, but when we get too much rain it can effect our stalk quality," he said. "We're concerned that some of these corn fields might go down, when they lay over flat from a wind it's very difficult to harvest."

With the corn stalks being less sturdy, the wind is a factor too. "If we can get some of this corn harvested before another big wind event comes through I'll feel a whole lot better," said Ewoldt. "That's the number one concern that's on a lot of farmers mind, how well is that corn going to stay standing?"

Ewoldt is ready to harvest, and hopes the suns stay blue while the wind stays minimal, "We can't really harvest very well when it's raining every other day. Mud ends up in places we don't want mud to end up, so if we can have dry weather I'm all about it."