Hubbell addresses crowd after winning gubernatorial nomination

Published: Jun. 5, 2018 at 11:43 PM CDT
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Less than an hour after polls closed in Iowa, Fred Hubbell was declared the winner of the democratic primary for governor.

Hubbell, who has never held public office, beat out four other candidates to face incumbent Governor Kim Reynolds.

Hubbell was critical of Reynolds during his victory speech saying she has failed Iowans.

"Are we going to continue with the failed Governor Reynolds policies that have decimated our schools, denied Iowans health care while giving our tax dollars to wealthy out of state companies, or are we going to set the right priorities and invest in ourselves and the next generation," Hubbell questioned his supporters.

Hubbell's campaign was and continues to be focused on Planned Parenthood, mental health and Medicaid.

"And we stand united to restore funding for Planned Parenthood, reverse the most restrictive anti- women’s health care law in the country, reverse Reynolds failed Medicaid privatization and improve our mental health care system," Hubbell told supporters.

The businessman was attractive to supporters like former Iowa Governor Chet Culvert.

"He's never run for public office before but he's shown that he can lead in terms of business, lead in terms of the nonprofit sector," Culvert said.

Iowans now have the next five months to decide between incumbent Gov. Reynolds and newcomer Hubbell. And before celebrating his win Tuesday night, Hubbell made sure to address that point with supporters.

"We’re going to have to make a lot of calls and knock on a lot of doors," Hubbell said. "So I have one request of everyone in this room. Over the next few weeks, think about a friend, a neighbor, or a family member you can reach out to, share our message, and help grow this movement."