Humane Society of Scott County: 100+ pet adoptions, owner reunions in September

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SCOTT Co., Iowa (KWQC) - UPDATE 10/2: The Humane Society of Scott County now has 122 fewer pets being housed at the shelter.

Harmony is one of the 400+ pets at the Humane Society. She's a 1.5-year-old black lab available for adoption!

The humane society released a report for September. It includes 76 pet adoptions during the month, and another 46 pets that were reunited with their owners.

If you're interested, the humane society is holding a special cat adoption event at K&K Hardware in Bettendorf on October 12. Officials hope to find homes for ten cats from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

ORIGINAL: Over 400 pets are being housed at the Humane Society of Scott County and now humane society officials are asking for those with a lost pet to see if they're housing it.

"If you're missing a pet please stop by whether it's been one day, one week or one month. Because all of the stray pets in Scott County come here and we do hold them in hopes that their owners are looking for them and the best outcome for the pets is to go home... we wait until the perfect fit comes along," said Ryan Wille, the development manager for the Scott County Humane Society.

One dog was recently kept at the shelter 520 days, and just found his perfect home. Adoption fees vary from $105 for dogs, $20 for adult cats, and $75 for kittens. However, that money goes a long way, "we give them all the vaccinations. If they don't have a microchip we give them one. We get them spayed or neutered and then we have animals with special needs so if there's one with urinary tract infection or a leg needs to be amputated we'll take care of that and have them ready to home when they're adopted" said Willie.

Those microchips are crucial to making sure your pet can always come home, "when a pet comes in we scan it and the machine beeps. ideally it'll tell us who the owner is. We'll call, send a letter, stop by. It's very important to not only have a microchip but to have is always up to date."

While officials with the humane society say they cannot identify missing or lost pets over the phone or through Facebook, they are asking pet owners to go to the humane society to their stray hold area.

"Please note that every stray pet we take in gets scanned for a microchip and that we make every effort possible to contact rightful pet owners if we have their pet in our care and notify them," humane society officials said in a Facebook post.

Officials say that despite being at capacity they will not euthanize pets for space purposes.

"We currently have office pets, pets in conference rooms and temporary containment areas that are put in place for crowded situations such as this," officials posted on Facebook. "We believe that every animal deserves the rights to the Five Freedoms, which is a program designed by the American Association of Shelter Veterinarians. "