Humid from the ground up. LITERALLY!

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Quad Cities (KWQC) - Today felt like a typically warm and muggy day - in JULY! We had a high of 88 and for a time this afternoon it felt like 90! Not a huge departure from the actual air temp but that heat index of 90 happened thanks to all of our recent rains. If it WAS July, we might have had 88 with a heat index in the mid 90s. Today, we could have felt COOLER then 88. Why? First of all a cold front passed to our south, yesterday, and second of all we had northeast winds off of Lake Michigan this afternoon. But, today, that typical cooling effect was trumped by all of our wet ground and top soil. As the sun shined on the QCA moisture locked in the soil was warmed and released upward in to the lowest level of the atmosphere - that first 6 or 7 feet where you and I live! Looks like another humid feeling day, Friday, but not as "thick" as today. Higher humidity starts to creep back late Saturday, and that coincides with our next chance for rain!