Hundreds of flights cancelled at St. Paul airport due to weather

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (NBC) - The wintery weather is causing travel troubles for people in parts of the Midwest.

At the Minneapolis St. Paul Airpor, 467 flights were canceled Saturday and another 200 were canceled on Sunday due to inclement weather.

That was particularly bad news for those flying on Sun Country Airlines. The airline canceled the last of its seasonal flights from Mexico to Minneapolis leaving dozens of people stranded in a foreign country.

Sara Chancellor, her fiance and parents were all stranded in Mazatlan.They say the only way to get back home was to book a return flight on another airline.

"Yes, you may be stranded in paradise but you're also stranded in a foreign country," Chancellor said.

Sun Country says the airline had 25 cancellations Saturday and 15 Sunday, plus five diversions and "extensive delays" due to the severe weather.

In a statement, the airline says "Our agents are working around the clock, some of whom stayed past their shifts to work overnight in the call center, to provide the best service possible to our passengers impacted by all this."