Hy-Vee offers free diabetes testing in store parking lots

Published: Nov. 17, 2019 at 11:12 PM CST
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Hy-Vee is offering free diabetes testing in their parking lots for the month of November.

Inside the store's giant bus is a creative way to test your blood sugar levels.

"A hemoglobin a1c screening is a screen that is done, it's just a quick finger poke takes about 5 minutes and what it does is it's a blood test that tells what your blood sugars or blood glucose are over a two or three month period, " said Hy-Vee dietician Katie Schaeffer.

So, why inside this bus rather than a doctor's office?

"It is used usually at a doctor's office to determine if someone has diabetes or is maybe pre-diabetic so it's a good indicator just to kind of get to see am I doing well? Do I need to make some changes? Do I maybe need to see my doctor ?" said Schaeffer.

You walk right in, fill out a quick sheet, and then you are greeted by a dietician.

"It's kind of like a number range, so those that test high we would send them to the doctor's office or advise them to go there, and those that kind of test in the good range we let them know that you are good to go and keep doing what your doing," said Schaeffer.

And if medial attention is needed, you're already prepared with your number.

"It's a great service to kind of figure out how well you are doing, you might be doing really well or you might need to change some things."

Fast, free and no health insurance needed.

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