IL Governor Bruce Rauner tours Rock Island Catholic School

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ROCK ISLAND, Ill (KWQC)- Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner toured Jordan Catholic School in Rock Island Friday Afternoon just days after he gave his State of the State Address to the General Assembly.

Gov. Rauner toured a new technology classroom in the catholic school that opened last month to students.

Rauner then gave a quick speech to students, took questions from kids and thanked teachers.

We sat down with him one-on-one after the tour was over and asked him everything from questions about property tax reform to his school scholarship program.

That scholarship program was introduced last month, it allows families to apply for privately donated money to go to the schools they choose.

The governor also said he wants to see a property tax referendum, something he also addressed in his State of the State.

In the next couple of weeks he will turn over a budget to the General Assembly. In previous years, Rauner claims he turned over a balanced budget, but others like Politifact say he hasn't proposed a balanced budget since he's been in office.

Rauner disputes those claims.

"So far, the General Assembly has ignored what I recommended and passed out of balance budgets," Gov. Rauner said. "Hopefully this year that won't happen, they'll accept what I'm recommending and if they've got a counter proposal, I'm eager to do it. I want to get something done on a bipartisan basis, so it is truly balanced. Then, I hope we can reduce the tax burden in the future."

The governor will face off against State Rep. Jeanne Ives in the March 20th republican primary. Six democrats are also running for the democratic seat.