Illinois residents collect money held by state

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ROCK ISLAND, ILL (KWQC) People lined up at the Rock Island County office to find out if they had any funds owed to them by the state.

"My Wife's got one hundred dollars coming." says Larry Munday of Moline. "My sons got something in the works with an insurance company that's under a hundred dollars. Every little bit helps."

The state of Illinois holds nearly 30 billion dollars in unclaimed funds. Unclaimed property consists of accounts and other financial instruments, such as old bank accounts or insurance payments,that have gone dormant for a specified period of time based on property type.

Pat O'Brien, the Community Affairs Specialist for the Illinois State Treasurer set up a table to help connect people with funds they may not know belong to them.

"Today people are coming in here to pay their if I can find them money, that's great. That puts a smile on their face," says O'Brien.

The only information required for people to check if they have property to claim from the state of Illinois is a name and a zip code.

For Illinoians that could not attend the event, it is still possible to check your claims status on the ICASH website listed below: