Illinois DCFS worker assaulted during child welfare check-UPDATE

Published: Sep. 30, 2017 at 5:30 AM CDT
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UPDATE: The special assistant to the director of the Department of Children and Family Services, Neil Skene, tells TV-6 that a meeting is scheduled for as soon as next week between the department and the union to discuss safety and other issues.

He says if workers in the field are worried about a risk to their safety, they can ask for a police escort or have a co-worker go with them. If they find themselves in a situation that is not safe, they can leave and come back with police, as well.

In the case of the woman who was attacked, he says she had gone to the man’s home with police, but he wasn’t there. Then, she went to the grandmother’s home, which is in another county and didn’t have a police escort. He said she didn’t expect to find the father there.

The worker remains in the hospital in a coma

Counselors were brought to the Sterling office to assist co-workers. They also brought in staff members to the Sterling office from other regions to fill-in when workers needed a break or to help with case-loads.



The Carroll County Sheriff's Department says one man has been arrested after assaulting a child services worker in Milledgeville, Illinois.

It happened Friday night as the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services investigator was checking on the welfare of a child. Police say the child's father, 25-year-old Andrew Sucher, assaulted her. Officials say Sucher fled the scene but was later arrested in Dixon, Illinois. He is charged with aggravated battery and has a $200,000 bond.

The 59-year-old child services worker was taken to a hospital in Sterling and later flown to Rockford for treatment.