Illinois bill easing gender-ID change restrictions OK'd

Published: Jun. 1, 2017 at 10:17 PM CDT
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State lawmakers have endorsed a plan making it easier for transgender individuals to change the gender listed on their birth certificates.

Senators OK'd the proposal 32-22 late Wednesday. The House endorsed it last week. It would allow transgender citizens to change their gender designation with authorization from a medical professional confirming they have undergone medically appropriate treatment. Current law requires proof of a surgical operation.

Democratic Sen. Toi Hutchinson of Olympia Fields is the bill's sponsor. She says it would treat transgender people with dignity by implementing the same standards now used for driver's licenses, passports and in 13 other states.

Advocates say these updated standards help protect from discrimination transgender people who do not want or cannot afford surgery.

A Republican argued an individual's gender is determined by biological sex.


The bill is HB1785.