Illinois bishop refusing Communion to lawmakers who support pro-choice bill

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CNN) - The head of the diocese in Springfield, Ill. has issued a decree refusing Communion to any Illinois Catholic lawmakers who support the Reproductive Health Act.

The bill is waiting for the governor's signature after it was passed by the Illinois State Legislature last Friday. Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker is expected to sign it.

The bill protects a woman's right to choose abortion and requires private insurance companies to cover the costs.

"Those who are in the state of serious sin should not approach Holy Communion, because in fact that compounds their sin and then becomes at what we call sacrilege for doing so," Bishop Thomas John Paprocki said.

Bishop Paprocki has a history of getting involved in political matters.

In 2013, he declared wearing a rainbow sash in support of same-sex marriage was "blasphemy" and said anyone wearing one would be barred from his church. He also held a public exorcism after then-Gov. Pat Quinn said he would sign a marriage equality bill.