Illinois educators meet to discuss new funding formula

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(KWQC) - Educators are pushing for school funding reform across the state of Illinois. Thursday, education advocates met to discuss ways to fix Illinois' funding system and provide additional resources to students in several districts. Galesburg Superintendent, Ralph Grimm, said a new evidence-based funding model would distribute funds where schools need it most.

"At its core it attempts to provide resources to improve the performance of every student across the board," Grimm said. "Regardless of the demographic, what student subgroup they're in, it provides an adequate and an equitable level of funding for all students in all schools throughout the state."

According to educators, the new model ensures no school district loses money and that neediest districts receive new funding first. East Moline Superintendent, Kristin Humphries, said the plan would prevent them from making additional teacher cuts.

"If something doesn't happen we have to make even further changes down the road," Humphries said. "The time is now, something has to happen."

There are bills in the House and the Senate. Educators hope the bill is passed by May 31.