Illinois high schools compete in robotics competition

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Port Byron, Ill. (KWQC) - Nine Illinois high schools competed in a robotics competition Sunday afternoon.

Nine Illinois schools competed in a robotics competition at Riverdale High School. (KWQC)

The competition was held at Riverdale High School in Port Byron.

Robotics clubs from schools like Riverdale, Knoxville and Fulton took part in the competition.

Students built the robots themselves and then competed against other teams.

The goal was to move and stack the legos as high as they could.

A Riverdale student said robotics has become fun for her family.

“My brother was in robotics when he was in high school. I got dragged along to those meets,” said junior Ella Forenero-Green. “I learned that it was actually very interesting, very cool to watch and be apart of. Once I got into high school I joined and have loved it ever since.”

Many students told TV6 that they like the teamwork that goes along with the hobby.

The competition was also for a good cause for Riverdale High School.

Its robotics team said they’re matching donations that the entire school raised for Iowa Stead Family’s Children’s Hospital.

Over the past three years, Riverdale High School has raised over $6,000 dollars and donated over 240 lego sets to the hospital.