Illinois teen born without arms participates in Chicago Triathlon

CHICAGO, Ill. (NBC) - A resilient Chicago teen born without arms took part in the Chicago Triathlon over the weekend.

14-year-old Timothy Bannon, who was born with no arms, finished the Chicago Triathlon in less than an hour over the weekend. (WLS/CNN)

14-year-old Timothy Nannon of Hillside and his mother, Linda, were both born without arms due to a genetic disorder called Holt-Oram Syndrome.

Bannon, along with both of his parents, spent five days a week this summer preparing for the triathlon.

"So for me, this is our normal. This is what we do, and sport, I feel, is an important part of life and growing up, and being able to find organizations that put him in a position that he can participate right alongside all of his peers - it's a really great experience," Linda Bannon said.

Timothy participated in the kids' triathlon Saturday, and his parents competed Sunday as part of a Dare2tri relay team.

Dare2tri is a non-profit that works to impact the lives of athletes with physical disabilities by helping them prepare for paratriathlons.

"It was a little bit difficult. By the run I was like, I'm tired, I want to quit, but I kept on persevering and kept on going," Timothy Bannon said.

After the race, Timothy hopes to try out for a kicker spot on his high school's football team.