Iowa American Water disputes findings of report revealing "forever chemicals" in Iowa QC drinking water

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(KWQC) - Iowa American Water is disputing the findings of a water quality report that revealed high levels of toxic chemicals in a single drinking water sample in Davenport.

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The study released by the Environmental Working Group found high levels of so-called "forever chemicals" exceeding EPA guidelines in a Davenport water sample taken in August.

The kind of chemicals in question are found in products like nonstick cookware and food packaging. The report found the Iowa Quad Cities had a high amount of the chemicals.

TV6 spoke to Iowa American Water Company on Friday, which is disputing the report.

"We want our customers to know that we are doing our job for them and that we are meeting all federal, us, EPA and state standards related to water quality. So they can be confident when they take that tap water and give it to a child or a family member that it is safe," Lisa Raisen, External Affairs Manager for Iowa American Water, said.

The company says it tests for the chemical, and the results below show what are considered acceptable levels. The company provided this graphic to illustrate the test results.