Iowa State trooper praised for stopping possible attack at Google

ADAIR, Iowa (CNN) - An Iowa State trooper is being praised for stopping a possible attack at Google's headquarters.

Photo/video courtesy: KCCI

30-year-old Kyle Long is accused of threatening to hurt employees after his Youtube channel was taken down.

An officer suspect he may have been up to something when they started talking while Long was waiting to get his car towed out of a ditch in Adair.

Long told State Trooper Ryan Zenor that he was heading from Maine to Mountain View, California to speak with Google executives.

The officer called California police to warn them that Long was on his way.

He was intercepted and taken into custody before making it to Google's headquarters.

Police in California said Long had three baseball bats in his car and directions to the office.

He's being held on a $25,000 bond.