Iowa Trooper rescues girl pinned under car

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WINTERSET, Iowa (WHO/CNN) - An 11 year-old girl was hit by a car while riding a bicycle in Winterset, Iowa. It happened just before 3:30 p.m. on Thursday afternoon.

Trooper Alex Dinkla of the Iowa State Patrol happened to be driving nearby shortly after the accident happened.

"I had just actually gotten off work, went to pick my son up and we were headed home and as I was traveling west on Summit, I heard a girl screaming," said Dinkla.

That girl was pinned under the front of a car on S. 8th Avenue. The sixth grader had been riding her bicycle home from the middle school when she was hit by a 2007 Subaru, operated by a 91-year-old man.

Once Trooper Dinkla located where the screaming was coming from, he sprang into action.

"I immediately pulled my vehicle over and I ran right up to her and assisted her in being able to get out, because her leg was pinned between her bike and the car," said Dinkla.

But Trooper Dinkla was able to rescue her.

"I was able to push the bike down," said Dinkla. "I was able to push parts of the plastic on the vehicle up and just enough that she was able to just kind of wiggle her foot out."

Fortunately, the girl was wearing a helmet.

"Then, I looked at her helmet and I could see that she was one lucky girl, because her helmet was actually crushed, so that helmet really did its job."

Public Resource Officers with the Iowa State Patrol teach bike safety classes and Trooper Dinkla knows just how important helmets are.

"When I looked at her helmet, I instantly told her you are very, very, lucky that you had a helmet on because there`s no doubt in my mind if she didn`t have a helmet on....I`ve seen a lot of the injuries that do happen to people that fall off their bike whether it's at RAGBRAI or different times and those helmets do make a difference."

The girl was treated for minor injuries and released from the Madison County Hospital. The accident is under investigation by the Winterset Police Department.