Iowa dog owner charged with animal neglect after dogs found in poor condition

ANKENY, Iowa (CNN) - A dog owner in Iowa has been charged after three dogs arrived at an animal shelter in very poor condition.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa says the dogs were dropped off at the beginning of the month.

They immediately noticed markings around the mouths of the two adult dogs.

There were deep indentations and scars around their muzzles and jaws.

ARL Officials say while inspecting the kennel, they found two, thin black bungee cords.

"Just like putting a rubber band around your finger," a worker with Animal Rescue League of Iowa Tom Colvin said. "You know after a while it's going to cut off that circulation. And you know, it had been out there for a little while and it doesn't take long. So yeah it was definitely painful for the dog."

The third dog is an 11-week-old pup, the owner is Elisa Andres of Ankeny.

She's charged with two counts of animal neglect.