Iowa drivers worst in U.S. in not using turn signals

Published: Jul. 10, 2017 at 6:04 AM CDT
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Iowa drivers should signal their intentions more often according to the results of a recent survey.


arget="_blank">survey by Kars4Kids

ranking the most courteous drivers by state puts Iowa all the way down at 41 with a “D” driving grade overall.

Hurting Iowa’s score are two categories in which drivers received an “F” grade: using turn signals and allowing others to merge in heavy traffic.

Iowa is the only state in the country aside from Rhode Island to flunk the turn signals category, while failing for merging puts it alongside eight other states including New York.

Iowa drivers are described by the survey as people who “are not nice to slow drivers but will respect your need for speed if you try to pass them.”

To be fair to Iowa drivers regarding turn signals, state law does not require one be given in all situations.

The website for Puryear Law P.C. in the Quad Cities explains that “the duty to signal a turn in Iowa is not as strong as the duty in many other states.”

Iowa Code 321.314 establishes a turn signal is required in certain situations for a turning maneuver “if any pedestrian may be affected by such movement” or “any other vehicle may be affected by such movement.”

The Puryear website states, “not signaling in Iowa is lawful under certain circumstances that would constitute a traffic offense in many other states. However, it is always wise to signal turns and lane changes in Iowa so as to minimize the risk of a car accident.”

Drivers in Illinois were given a “C” grade overall and that state ranks 31 on the list.

The survey describes Illinois drivers as those who “don’t like being tailgated” even though “they’re prone to tailgating themselves."

The numbers were gathered between March and April of 2017 from a total of 2,500 respondents who were 18 or older.

Kars4Kids says the summer 2017 survey is designed to help promote better driving habits.