Iowa man, among others, suing gun manufacturer after injuries

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HAMPTON, Ia. (KWQC) - An Iowa man is suing a gun manufacturer after he said the barrel exploded, causing severe injuries. Ronald Hansen said he loaded his rifle over Thanksgiving in 2014 when the gun barrel exploded, knocking him backward and severely damaging his right hand and ear and burning his face. Since the incident, Hansen has sued the manufacturer of the stainless steel 10 ML-II muzzleloader, Savage Arms. According to lawyers, several other customers repeatedly reported that the barrel had exploded previously.

Erik Mattly with Davenport Guns said instances like this are rare, but when there are problems with guns the manufacturer typically issues a recall or notifies consumers and local gun stores.

"Manufacturers usually find problems on their own before it actually gets released to the public," said Mattly. "When there is a safety concern all of the manufacturers we deal with respond very quickly and they get the proper notifications to us so that we can present them to the customers."

However, TV6 found out there are no federal regulations in place regarding safety standards of firearms, meaning gun manufacturers aren't required to let consumers know if their product is flawed.

Meantime, employees at Davenport Guns said they are diligent about following up on any issues with particular firearms and will let customers know immediately if they are alerted to potential defects.

"We do our homework because we do not want to turn out a gun where there's an issue."