Iowa zoo using rhinos to predict winner of rivalry game between U of Iowa and Iowa State

Baby rhino Kamara and her mom Ayana picked opposing teams during an Iowa zoo's prediction ceremony on Monday. (NBC/WHO)

DES MOINES, Iowa (NBC) - The Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines is getting in on the Cy-Hawk action, using rhinos to predict the winner of the annual college football match-up between rivals University of Iowa and Iowa State.

A baby rhino named Kamara was presented with two boxes filled with hay and other treats on Monday morning.

Kamara sniffed around the Iowa box but then turned her attention to Iowa State, then back to the Hawkeyes. But ultimately, she chose the Cyclones of Iowa State.

Mom Ayana liked the Hawkeyes first.

Blank Park Zoo leaders say it's a sign the game will go down to the wire.

The game is in Ames this Saturday.