Iowan travels to Nebraska to help those affected by flooding

DONAHUE, Iowa. (KWQC) - The state of Nebraska is still cleaning up from the floods that hit last week. Thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes.

Kristina Tenboer, a local Iowan with parents in Nebraska just returned home from bringing emergency supplies to those affected by flooding.

"They lost everything. None of it can be replaced. You can move on, but it's a big impact on people."

The state of Nebraska is under a state of emergency as the most widespread disaster in its history leaves communities underwater.

"There were 2 levees and both of those broke. So people weren't prepared, they didn't know, and they lost everything. And they don't know how they're going to get everything back- how they're going to recoup it."

Tenboer's parents live in Paradise Lake, about 15 miles south of Omaha. The pictures she took show the homes there are halfway underwater. She wants the country to know just how bad the damage is, "It's important because a lot of those people didn't have a back-up plan. Like in my parent's community, they were told they didn't need flood insurance because they are told it wouldn't flood."

Her parents aren't alone. Thousands of people are impacted by the flooding, and has left that small communities homeless.

"In areas like Paradise Lake where they're worried about the jet fuel and sewage, that's inhabitable. That's a hazmat issue. So, they won't be able to come back" explained Tenboer.

As they look to the future and what is next, Kristina worries about the flooding we could face here in the Quad Cities, "if we have any one of our dams go, it could be catastrophic. Especially for the Quad Cities that are right there on the river. People take for granted that levees and dams will always stay there. Nebraska is a prime example that they don't always work."

Kristina will be returning to Nebraska soon with more donations. If you want to help, you can donate to your local Red Cross and specify you want the donations going to Nebraska. Or, you could contact Kristina through Facebook.