UPDATE: Home damaged by firework explosion in Clinton

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CLINTON, Iowa (KWQC) - UPDATE 6:11 p.m. 5/13/19: Clinton police say damage to a window at a Clinton home was caused by a commercial or homemade firework.

Police responded to 10th Ave. South just after 12 p.m. following reports of an explosion. Police did not find any evidence of a pipe bomb at the scene.

The Clinton Police Department is investigating this incident.

ORIGINAL: A Clinton, Iowa neighborhood was rattled Tuesday afternoon after an apparent explosion.

Police and fire were called to a home on 10th Ave. South shortly before noon, according to the man who lives in the home.

"It is ridiculous,” Stan Davis said. “Someone could have been seriously hurt.”

Davis’ yard is now littered with glass and a board covers his bedroom window. He told TV6 the fire department told him that someone placed an explosive device in the window seal and set it off.

"If I would have been in my bedroom, I would have gotten shrapnel on me from my window,” Davis said. “The violence in Clinton has got to stop.

Davis lives at the home with his adult children. He said two of them were at the home when the explosion happened. He said no one was hurt and he is grateful for that, but calls crime in Clinton part of a bigger problem.

"It is over petty and petty things,” he said. “Arguments with 18, 19, 20 year old kids that think they are gang bangers and thugs walking around with guns without concealed carries. It is ridiculous. When I was a kid, you settled your things with your fists."

Davis has an idea of who placed the device in his window and has a message to them.

"You will be caught,” he said. “You will be caught. I guarantee it. I have faith in the Clinton Police Department. I am working with them too. The neighborhood watch program and I have friends with their ears to the street so he will be caught."

TV6 has reached out to both the police and fire departments. We have not heard back.