JDC remembers volunteers who passed away

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SILVIS, Ill. (KWQC) — It was an early morning for the volunteers at the John Deere Classic.
Family, friends, and volunteers came to listen to the names of those they have lost. The names represented the volunteers who helped put JDC together in the past.

As Volunteer Chairman Pat Scouse read each name, Scouse said the last day of the tournament is always the toughest especially after losing one of their volunteers Chuck Austin just days before.

"I think everyone is a little bit more emotional because it's so .... fresh. You know we had another Glen Blair, is another volunteer that was a past chairman in the past, who passed away months ago," said Scouse.

The family of Glenn Blair came to read off his name.

Family and volunteers had the chance to listen to a small sermon at the ceremony followed by a moment of silence of all the volunteers that passed away.

Charlie Jenkins has been volunteering at the JDC since 2016 and he said the ceremony hit him personally.

"One of the ladies Toni was our leaders last year of our group. We got information last night she passed away," said Jenkins.

Volunteers said to keep their loved one's memories alive, attending the ceremony helped them have a start up for their day.

"Just a wonderful way to start the day just hearing God's word and the encouragement and ... just a way to start your Sunday," said Jenkins.

The family members of Chuck Austin did not attend the ceremony.

Volunteers said they will continue to honor him by wearing a bracelet with his name on it during the tournament.