Jackson County Humane Society closed Tuesday after a pipe broke in the bathroom

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MAQUOKETA, Iowa (KWQC) - The Jackson County Humane Society was closed today after a pipe broke in the bathroom.

Cora Sutton said she came across a lot of water outside of the building this morning and noticed about two to three inches of water on the floor of one of the rooms.

"So we start mopping and doing that. We did that for like four and a half hours. It was quite a bit," she said.

Sutton said she has worked at the Humane Society for nearly 11 years and said this is a first.

"Very shocking, so I wasn't going to ever expect something like that happening, but just cold weather way it is. It's hard to say," she said.

She is hoping there isn't too much damage, especially to the walls.

"Yeah, inside the walls. That's why we got fans going to see if it'll dry them out, so the mold doesn't set in," she said.

Sutton said this was likely due to the bitter, cold weather.

"Yeah, the cold weather does a lot of damage to a lot of things. It's hard on everything," she said.

She also said the water did not reach the animals cages and they are all safe. The Jackson County Humane Society will be open tomorrow and say they will continue to work on fixing the broken pipe.