Jackson County Sheriff's Office celebrates donation of $300,000 to support new jail, sheriff building

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JACKSON COUNTY, Iowa (KWQC) - The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is celebrating a donation of $300,000 to support a new sheriff's office and jail.

Dave North announced the donation from his family, according to a post on the sheriff's office's page.

In August 2018, the project fell short of the votes needed to approve a $6.9 million bond issue to build a new jail.

County leaders say the current facility is overcrowded and can't accommodate women, and inmates are being sent to nearby jails or out-of-state facilities, which costs more money. Donations like the one from North could mean a lower price tag, however, when another vote on a new jail comes in August.

County leaders say the current jail has other issues, including improper ventilation and no existing maximum-security cells. They say as of February 2017, safety concerns are also a huge priority, citing improper sprinkler and smoke evacuation systems. At this time, the jail does not meet current standards and is at risk for being shut down.

The next vote will take place on August 6 and needs a 60 percent super-majority vote in favor of building a new jail in order to pass.