Japan Prime Minister says countries need to contain virus before Olympics

Olympic flag / Source: International Olympic Committee
Olympic flag / Source: International Olympic Committee
Published: Mar. 28, 2020 at 9:56 AM CDT
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Japan's prime minister says all countries would need to have contained the new coronavirus outbreak before the Olympic Games could go ahead in 20-21.

Speaking at a news conference in Tokyo, Shinzo Abe, stressed the need to develop treatments and a vaccine as soon as possible.

He also refuted the idea Japan had been intentionally reporting fewer infections or carrying out fewer tests for the virus than necessary.

Abe said the country was at a critical stage in dealing with the coronavirus but that the nation does not yet need to declare a state of emergency.

As of today, Japan has 2,180 confirmed cases, including 712 from a cruise ship.

The current death toll stands at 59, according to the health ministry.