John Deere Plant becoming a hotel in Waterloo

WATERLOO, Iowa (CNN/KWWL) - "It's starting to really take shape."
The lobby is where John Deere used to manufacture tractors and the hotel isn't parting ways with its past.

General Manager of the hotel, Kim Degood, says the hotel is embracing a tractor theme, "I love the fact they are preserving as much as they are, and that they were able to restore this building because it has a lot of history."

The progress has come a long way over the past couple of months. As each floor and room begins to take shape.

Degood says it's about preserving the past, "The little T marks if where they actually hung the engines up for John Deere. All of the window we could preserve we matched the windows we had to replace."

The hotel will bring 150 jobs to the community.