John Deere closing facilities in China, restricting employee travel amid coronavirus outbreak

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Published: Jan. 31, 2020 at 7:36 PM CST
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John Deere is taking steps to keep its employees healthy and avoid spreading illness amid the coronavirus outbreak.

TV6 reached out to John Deere today to find out if the coronavirus is having any impact on its operations in China.

Officials with John Deere say they're watching the situation and have decided to close facilities in China until they determine when it would be appropriate to reopen.

They say many of their employees in China work remotely, and they have restricted travel of their employees to and from China for now.

On Friday, the United States

because of the virus that hit China and has spread to other nations, including the United States.

The virus has infected almost 10,000 people globally in just two months, a worrying sign of its spread among people that prompted the World Health Organization to declare the outbreak a global emergency.