Jupiter's Moons Visible This Month

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Jupiter is at it's largest and brightest this month in the night sky. So much so, that it will be visible to the naked eye. Plus with binoculars or a small telescope you can see some of it's largest moons!
While it is visible all month long, June 10th is when it will reach it's peak. On this day the Earth, Jupiter and the sun will be in a straight line (known as opposition) allowing Jupiter to appear brighter.
The southern hemisphere will have the best view, but even us in the Northern Hemisphere will get a good look.
If you want to catch a glimpse, try around sunset and look towards the southern sky. Jupiter won't "twinkle like a star" and should appear steady light in the sky.
Jupiter distance from the Earth is between 365 millions miles to 600 million miles depending on where it is in it's elliptical orbit. It also takes Jupiter nearly 12 Earth years to make one trip around the sun.
Happy viewing!