Justice for Tammy Loos memorial race at the Mississippi fair grounds speedway

Published: May. 31, 2019 at 11:04 PM CDT
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At the entrance of the Mississippi Fairgrounds Speedway on Friday is a white racecar glistening with the smile of Tammy Loos.

"I actually met Tammy right here at Davenport Speedway and this is what we did together. We came here on Friday night and watched the races," says her fiance Matt Burroughs.

Friday night's race is being held in her memory. Tammy Loos of Milan died after she and her fiance Matt Burroughs were hit by a stolen car driving recklessly in Moline.

Burroughs just recently relinquished the crutches he's been on after the March tragedy. He helped build the car adorned with photos of Tammy with his friend in just four weeks, while he was on crutches.

He says Tammy Loos was the love of his life. And his way of fighting for justice and helping to keep her memory alive is to push for tougher laws around auto theft and auto theft that results in vehicular homicide.

"I do not want her forgotten, that's why I put her face on this car, that's why I put her face on these t-shirts. nobody forgets a face, her face is beautiful her smile is beautiful," says Burroughs.

"She was actually taken from us in a stolen vehicle accident and we're trying to getting the laws changed for stricter laws for stolen vehicle accidents resulting in deaths. Vehicular homicide is two to five years that's ridiculous," says Burroughs.

The funds raised from tonight's race are going towards supporting the legislative push

"There's a lot of money involved in trying to get the laws changed, we have to go through Congress, state reps, city hall, everything is going to start costing money, trips to Springfield," says Burroughs.

Matt says all he wants is justice for Tammy.