Knox County K9's seize over 44 pounds of cannabis over 2-week span

Published: Jan. 31, 2019 at 12:20 PM CST
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Two K9's in Knox County are being praised after seizing over 44 pounds of cannabis over a two-week span.

Knox County officials say on Tuesday, Jan. 29, Knox County Detectives worked a joint investigation with the Nebraska State Police. Detectives "developed intel on a suspicious traveler on board the California Zephyr train," officials released on Facebook.

Officials say the suspicious passenger was identified as 21-year-old Dylan Ross Patrick, of Middleton, Ohio.

Patrick exited the train at the Galesburg terminal and entered the train station. Once inside the station, officials say detectives spoke with Patrick and during that time detectives were able to develop reasonable suspicion that he was engaged in criminal activity.

K9 Glock aided detectives and conducted a "free air sniff" of Patrick's luggage. Officials say K9 Glock indicated a positive response. An investigation revealed approximately 17.2 pounds of cannabis, 5 ounces of cannabis wax and U.S. money, according to Knox County officials. The approximate street value was $68,000.

Patrick is charged with Cannabis Trafficking over 5,000 grams and Manufacture/Delivery of Cannabis over 5,000 grams.

Over the last two weeks, K9 Glock and K9 Juri have seized over 44 pounds of cannabis and five ounces of cannabis wax. The street value of all the seizures is $176,000.

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