Knox County Residents experience sporadic power outages for hours at a time

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Henderson, Ill (KWQC) Power outages were widespread last night with the ice on power lines.
Thousands lost power in the metro Quad Cities and surrounding areas. The weather also made repairs a challenge for crews on the job.

In Knox County, more than a thousand people experienced power outages, some for hours at a time.

Dennis Shea is one of those residents. The only light Shea has in his home is the sun coming in from his windows. He went for nearly ten hours without power.

"Just about the time I wanted to warm up some soup last night, the power went out-- and I’ve just been snacking...I had power again this morning and around 10:30 it went out and I thought, oh boy here we go again."

Sporadic power outages are what most residents in Knox County have experienced as crews work to restore power lines permanently in the area.

"They’re doing a pretty good job for the circumstances. It was a really tough ice storm and you just got to understand what they're dealing with it, and just wait and have patience. It'll come on."

But as patient as Shae has been in adjusting-- he hopes the problem doesn't persist through the night.

"The thing that’s' bothering the most is that the furnace isn’t running. It’s starting to get a little chilly in here."