Latina Leadership Summit inspires future leaders

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Dozens gathered to celebrate Latinas on Saturday morning. ELLA (Empowering Latina Leadership Alliance) held a summit for Latinas where they learned about female empowerment, leadership, and starting your own business.

Empowering Latina Leadership Summit

Those in attendance said it is a great feeling to have so much support, "we're a growing population not just here in the Quad Cities but across the country. We're stepping into roles that some years ago we weren't represented in and it's important to find that strength within us and always present our best" said Margarita Mojica, a featured speaker.

"It feels amazing! It feels wonderful. You feel you can take on any job, any challenge that comes before you" said Mojica about the women who were there supporting each other.

There were featured vendors, with some Latina-owned businesses to network with, "it's very important to bring the community of Latinas together so we an inspire each other, hear each other's stories, and count on each other for support Latinas in the Quad Cities community" explained Liz Nino, who helped plan the event.

They were sold out with over 60 in attendance - and it wasn't just for Latinas. They had men and women, of various ethnicities learning about how to empower one another. This is the first ELLA Summit in the Quad Cities.