Leaders in the QCA gather to discuss combating violence

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QUAD CITIES (KWQC) - Dozens of people across the Quad Cities gather to find a way to stop the violence.

In Rock Island, an hour of prayer was held at the Greater Antioch Church. Community members, law enforcement and elected officials all gathered in the parking lot of the church to pray for an end to the violence in the Quad Cities. The pastor of Greater Antioch helped organized the prayer and he spoke directly to those involved with crime.

“There are options for you,” Walton Jones, Pastor at Greater Antioch Baptist Church, said “You don't have to go that path. My message is 'let's put the guns down, let's practice what Jesus Christ taught us and that is loving each other, regardless of color, regardless of creed, regardless of nationality.

Violence was also the topic of conversation at a meeting of people living in Davenport’s Third Ward.

Alderman Marion Meginnins and Davenport residents talked with Davenport police about crime going up as the weather gets warmer. The police told those who attended to call for any reason and they are happy to help.