Lisbon horse farm takes in retired racehorse displaced by Nebraska flood

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LISBON, Iowa (KCRG) - Right in eastern Iowa is a farm where retired racehorses from across the country come to peacefully live out their days.

Late Friday night, Unbridled Spirits Thoroughbred Retirement Ranch in Lisbon welcomed its newest resident, an 18-year-old mare.

"She's had a magical journey getting here," Unbridled Spirits Executive Director Tina Norris said.

One might even say it was mythical--just like the name of the horse itself.

Mythical was a racehorse back in her day and then was used for breeding.

While she was pregnant with her most recent foal, Mythical got an infection that she is still recovering from.

“She’s about 250 pounds lighter than she should be," Norris said.

Her foal was born late and was later euthanized.

Then the farm in Nebraska where she lived was flooded.

"The gentlemen were literally going out in their fishing boats, and they were taking the horses, and they were towing the horses, and they were swimming out of the barn to safety," Norris said.

That’s when Unbridled Spirits got the call to rescue her.

"We took it into consideration and in about two minutes, said, 'Let's do it,'" Norris said.

Norris said it costs at least $3,000 to feed, transport and care for horses like Mythical.

But with the organization already at full capacity at 30 horses, she said their budget was tight, so they turned to horse lovers across eastern Iowa through social media.

"We were able to raise the $3,000 in about four days for her care," Norris said.

Unbridled Spirits doesn't yet know how Mythical will live out her days.

"She can do groundwork, horse management classes," Norris said. "She'll be able to hopefully be in parades."

But after such a mythical journey. Mythical might just want some rest.

"She might just be a companion to the other equines that are out here, enjoying pasture," Norris said.

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