Local Vietnam Veteran gets home transformed

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ROCK ISLAND, IL (KWQC)— Rebuilding Together Quad Cities is teaming up with Home Depot’s “Celebration of Service Campaign”, which improves the home and lives of veterans and their families.

Before the project, Taylor broke his ankle leaving him stationed at home and in order to leave, it was by EMT.

Both organizations are building a wheelchair ramp and making Taylor’s home more safe and accessible.

“I never thought this day would come. I really didn't. I mean I did it because it was my duty but I never thought this day would come when I had to depend on someone else,” said Taylor.

Taylor was overwhelmed with emotions after learning about the project.

Executive Director of Rebuilding Together Quad Cities Steve Barton said after looking over Taylor’s application the organization knew they needed to help him.

“We look at things that have the greatest need and impact, and so this is something that we thought that had a great need and impact that we should select and do the work,” said Barton.

Over the next few weeks, several projects will be done at Taylor’s home to make it safer and more accessible.