Local Volunteer Celebrates 46 Years at JDC

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It's sometimes easy to forget the hundreds of volunteers at the John Deere Classic. But there's one volunteer at the JDC that's done numerous jobs at the summer classic. That's former mayor, Stan Leach.

Leach is something of a legend at the classic. The 82-year-old is the co-chair of signage for the grünt crew that puts together all the sings you see around the course. leach tells me there about 17 hundred signs they work on for the John Deere Classic.

He says its also one of his favorite jobs to do because of the countless laughs and the community involvement the tournament brings every year.

"The reason I volunteer is, this such a great thing for the community, as an example sped all over the place, 10 million dollars," Leach said.
"I don't have any plans to stop right yet, but who knows, they might throw me off, in getting old crotchety maybe I'm there now I don't know."