Local barbers splitting hairs over Cubs and Cardinals

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GALESBURG, Ill. (KWQC) - The Cubs and Cardinals are one of those rivalries in baseball which can get anyone excited for the season.

Currently the teams are in the midst of their season opening series against each other in St. Louis.

The two barbers at Swanson's Barber Shop in Galesburg are having fun with this rivalry.

Sherrill Swanson has kept the walls of his barber shop covered with Cubs gear since 1964. Until die-hard Cardinals fan, Ronda Spicher came aboard five years ago.

"Not knowing what I was getting myself into coming in here with all these Cubs fans," Spicher said.

"She's added light and insults to my team, but we do have a lot of fun with our customers and being Cub and Cardinal fans," Swanson said about Spicher.

It's clear who cheers for who the minute you walk through the door.

Among many knick-knacks, are several World Series Championship flags for the Cardinals.

"A lot of us used to make fun of them, but now you know they've won and now you gotta kinda be careful what you say," Spicher said.

This year, Swanson is proud to have one of those hanging on his side.
"It's a new feeling, but it's a good feeling," Swanson said.

Of course, a rivalry like this one doesn't go without the friendly banter.

"The customers have fun coming in here so and especially when [Swanson] starts in," Spicher said. "I always keep my mouth shut, but he starts in and then I gotta give it back and they just laugh."

Customers, like Pete Main join in on the fun too.

"It's fun just to kind of needle each other back and forth with the Cubs and Cardinals and they have a lot of fun with it," Main said.

"We enjoy all the Cub and Cardinal fans coming in and we hope they'll continue to come in this year to share the year with us," Swanson said.

Fain in St. Louis canceled Wednesday's match-up. The game will be made up Thursday at 12:45 p.m.