Local churches respond to church shooting in Texas

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Those who attended Sunday's afternoon service at the Grace Fellowship Church in Davenport prayed for those affected by Sunday's shooting at a church in Texas.

"And my response was, what my response is most of the time to these types of things, is great compassion to the people that were there. It was a small church, from what I understand, 50 people, we're a small church," said Mike Reed, the pastor at Grace Fellowship Church.

To many, it is a reminder of the recent tragedies that have happened all over the nation. Pastor Reed said he hopes people also understand the power of faith.

"But what I want people to remember is that each of us, we have that in our hearts to hate, and to lash out, and to cause harm, to think of others less than us because of whether it be skin color or religion and remembering that we're all created in the image of God and that we all have value, therefore, and that God is good and helping our people to remember, even in a time like this, that God is good," said Pastor Reed.

Some said it can be hard to think about these tragic events, but they always lean on what they believe in.

"I have four young children and so a lot of things that happen in the world these days are really sad and as I think about raising them I can get scared really easily, but I know that my hope is in Christ and it's not in this world," said Darah Bolkema.

Bolkema said she is also thinking of all those affected by the tragedy.

"We grieve for the families that are in Texas and I pray that they can look to Christ during this time," she said.

Joseph Huss, the lead pastor at Northside Baptist Church in Davenport, said the shooting was tragedy.

"I texted a couple people today and I let them know and the words that they responded with were horrible. It's like, yeah its horrible, it is absolutely horrible. It's tragic, but it's the heart of man," said Pastor Huss.

Despite these tragedies, he said he does not believe people are living in fear.

"I mean, let's face it, there's always been evil, there's always been wickedness and, you know, what's been happening, I think it's running through people's minds, but I don't think it's keeping them from going to the grocery store, from going to church," he said.

Several said having faith is the answer.

"Because we do have to trust God too, especially in the church circle, I mean, we do trust God..." said Pastor Huss.