Local filmmakers land big movie deal, hope to bring projects back to Iowa

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QUAD CITIES, Iowa/Ill. (KWQC) From the Quad Cities to Hollywood two Bettendorf natives are making a name for themselves in the moviemaking industry. One of their recent projects marks a big step in their careers. But they're still holding tight to their Midwest roots.

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods started their own film-production company, Bluebox Films, 16 years ago. The pair of 32-year-olds have a slew of previous projects, some shot in Iowa. Recently, a screenplay of there's sold to Paramount Pictures and some familiar names are set to be involved. Even as they work hard in Los Angeles they're always thinking about bringing back film production to their home state.

Beck and Woods met in the 6th grade. They discovered a mutual love of making movies at a young age and now find themselves immersed in the industry.

"The first call from our agents saying Paramount was going to make an offer on the movie I remember thinking oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh," said Woods.

Their horror thriller movie, "A Quiet Place," will involve some Hollywood heavy-hitters. Emily Blunt has a starring role alongside and her husband John Krasinski, who will also direct.

"This was kind of this whirlwind series of events that just happened," said Beck.

Michael Bay, known for several big films like"Armageddon," "Pearl Harbor," and "Transformers," is a producer.

While on the West Coast now, Beck and Woods stick close to their Midwest ties. In the past they've drawn from creative talent and resources locally, as well as a landscape that lends itself to a wide range of possibilities.

"For the longest time we were always bringing our projects back to the state," said Beck.

"We can look like so many different parts of the country," said Doug Miller, a local entertainment producer.

Miller, who's involved in the Iowa Motion Picture Association and was a founder of the original Iowa Film Office has been following the duo for years. He considers Beck and Woods to be vanguards for filmmaking in the state.

"They weren't just shooting films or videos, they were writing as well as producing these pieces and that's the key to everything," added Miller.

They're passionate about weaving the Quad Cities into their projects and continue to pitch the area for future film production.

"I think because the Quad Cities was so unique and helpful in terms of helping us foster a voice and early filmmaking career, we do want to come back and bring a larger scale movie," said Beck.

"Any production that would come into the region I've always looked at it from an economic development stand point," added Miller.

Beck and Woods are Executive Producers on "A Quiet Place." The movie is set to release in April of next year. Paramount also offered the pair a blind deal where they have the opportunity to write and direct a second movie.